Gap Year announcement


Dear UBF mission co-workers,

May the grace of God be always with your family and ministry as you serve the gospel work on the frontline!

UBF HQ World Mission Department has been developing diverse ways to help young people including our 2nd gens. One of them is “Gap Year Program”. Sometimes it is necessary to travel far away from home to meet God personally. There have been many cases among the 2nd gens in UBF community who have received much grace and changed through short-term mission trips. When we leave the familiar environment and go to a foreign country interacting with strangers and cultures in unfamiliar places, we get to think of who I am. As we see the lives and ministry of missionaries who came to other countries with faith, we learn a lot about the kingdom and calling of God.

Like the Korean proverb, “Hardship is a great teacher to us when we are young so people would even pay for it,” living in another country for 6 months or a year at the age of 18-25 will be an experience that cannot be bought with money. They can take a year off after graduating high school before entering college or in the middle of college to reset the direction of our life. This is called the Gap Year, and many young people actually put it into practice and have valuable experiences. Moreover, if it is done under the protection of our UBF chapter so that they can experience the work of God, it will be a precious time that they cannot experience anywhere else. Above all, it can be a turning point in their life to meet your God deeply and accept his calling. In addition, this Gap Year program can benefit the hosting chapters as well. Students participating in the program can actively find things to do and help with many things. Through active participation in the ministry and socializing, they can enjoy themselves and bring positive effects to the hosting chapter.

 Until now, these opportunities have been arranged mainly based on personal acquaintances and networks. There was no system to connect Gap Year volunteers and the hosting chapter at the HQ level, and there was no support or education. Because of this, only a small number of people have had this experience.  Now, the World Mission Department proposes a more systematic and broader “UBF Gap Year Program”. For this purpose, a Task Force was formed and they have been developing the program for the past 6 months (See the attached proposal for details). Of course, we cannot implement this program right now due to the current pandemic. But we will continue to make necessary preparations during the pandemic so that when we get to travel more freely we can launch the program progressively.

At this point, we are recruiting hosting chapters for the Gap Year Program. If you are interested in hosting Gap Year students, please contact continental representatives of the Gap Year Program Task Force (Their names and contact information can be found below). Also, if you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to contact them. We pray that this program may help many young people, including the 2nd generations, encounter God personally and revitalize our mission fields.


Chair: Moses Noh (Philadelphia, USA)

Africa: Luke Lim (Uganda)

Asia: William Kim (Indonesia)

CIS: Paul Oh (Belarus)

Europe: Caleb Lee (Denmark)

Korea: Elijah Moon (Jongro)

N. America: Daniel Lee (Shippensburg, USA)

Oceania: Hannah Lee (Australia)

Latin America: Rebeca Kim (Brazil)


May God bless you!

September 10, 2021

David Kim / UBF World Mission Dept. Chair

Moses Yoon / General Director

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