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by P. David Baik   10/29/2023   Mark 15:21~47


Mark Lesson 51 (2023)


(Mark 15:21-47)

Open it:

  1. What usually comes to mind when you see a cross in or on a church building?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 21-23. Who was Simon of Cyrene, and what role did he play in Jesus’ life? What did the soldiers offer Jesus once they reached where he would be crucified? When the soldiers offered Jesus wine mixed with myrrh, why do you think Jesus didn’t take it?

  2. Read verses 24-27. After crucifying Jesus, what did the soldiers do with Jesus’ clothes? What was significant about the notice that was placed on the cross? Who was crucified with Jesus?

  3. Read verses 28-32. How did the people insult when he was on the cross? What did the teachers of the law say about Jesus while he was dying? How? What challenge did Jesus ignore?

  4. Read verses 33-37. What unusual occurrence took place as Jesus was dying? What do Jesus’ words on the cross reveal about his feelings right before he died? What does the fact that Jesus twice cried out in a loud voice tell us about the way he died? (Deut. 21:22-23; 2 Cor. 5:21; Gal. 3:13; Jn.19:30)

  5. Read verses 38-41. What happened right after Jesus’ death? (Heb. 6:19-20, 9:1-14, 10:19-22) How did the centurion react to Jesus’ crucifixion and death? Who watched Christ’s crucifixion from the distance? (Imagine you are an eyewitness to Jesus’ crucifixion; what emotions, thoughts, or questions might be going through your mind?)

  6. Read verses 42-47. How did Joseph of Arimathea and the women respond to Jesus’ death, and what does their behavior tell us about their faith and devotion?

Apply it:

  1. What lessons can we learn about the nature of Jesus’ sacrifice and the response of various individuals to his crucifixion?


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