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by P. David Baik   08/27/2023   Mark 12:41~44


Mark Lesson 44 (2023)


(Mark 12:41-44)

Open it:

  1. In what ways are outward appearances misleading? When was the last time you discovered the identity of an impostor or person who pretended to be something they were not?

Explore it:

  1. Read verse 41. Where did the events of this story take place? Where did Jesus sit? Why do you think Jesus purposely sat near the temple treasury?

  2. What did Jesu see from where he sat near the temple? What did the “rich people” do at the temple sanctuary? What did the “rich people’s” actions tell us about their motivation for giving?

  3. Read verses 42-44. What did the “poor” widow give to the treasury? Why did Jesus call his disciples when he saw the widow put in her offering? How did Jesus compare the actions of the wealthy people to those of the poor women?

  4. Why did the large amount of money given by the rich people not impress Jesus? Why was the widow’s gift so significant in Jesus’ eyes? (44) How does God evaluate a person’s giving? In what ways, besides our material wealth, can we give to God?

Apply it:

  1. How can you ensure that your attitude and motivation are right when you give to the Lord?


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