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by M. Moses Kang   07/02/2023   2_Samuel 18:1~19:8


2 Samuel 20 (2023)


(2 Samuel 18:1-19:8)

Open it:

  1. What would you do if someone urged you not to grieve a loved one’s death?

Explore it:

  1. Read 18:1-5. Why did David’s followers ask him not to go into battle himself? (1-3) What command did all the troops hear David giving his commanders as they left the city? (5) Why did David want his army to “be gentle with the young man Absalom”?

  2. Read verses 6-18. What happened to Absalom just as he encountered David’s men? (6-9) How did the soldier explain his reasons for not killing Absalom on the spot? (12-13) Why do you think Joab chose to ignore David’s plea and killed Absalom himself? (14-18)

  3. Read verses 19-23. Why did Joab want to send a different messenger than the one who wanted to go? What did Joab do when Ahimaaz insisted he wanted to run with the news of Absalom’s death?

  4. Read verses 24-32. What did David assume about the two lone runners coming his way? (24-27) Why did David think that Ahimaaz came with good news? How did Cushite answer the question from David?

  5. Read 18:33-19:4. What was David’s response to the news of the death of his son? (33) Why was the spirit of victory squashed among David’s supporters? (1-3) What was David’s lament when he learned the news of his son’s death? (4)

  6. Read verses 5-8. What were Joab’s accusations against David? (5-6) What did Joab would happen if David didn’t encourage the troops? (7) What did David do in response to Joab’s urgings? (8) To what extent does God expect leaders to set aside their emotions and work for the group’s good?

Apply it:

  1. What responsibilities do you need to fulfill how you feel? How can you reach out to someone who is dealing with bad news?


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