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Two Kings, Two Ways

by M. Jangwon Suh   04/02/2023   2_Samuel 15:1~37


2 Samuel Lesson 17 (2023)


(2 Samuel 15:1-37)

Open it:

  1. What are the characteristics of the ambitious people you know? What would you think if a sudden calamity forced you to leave home?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-6. How did Absalom flatter the people he met at the gage? (2-3) With what “if only” statement did Absalom plant the idea of himself as a leader? How did the Israelites react to Absalom? How do ambitious people manipulate the truth to their advantage?

  2. Read verses 7-12. What did Absalom ask his supporters to do when he went to Hebron? By what trick did Absalom give the appearance of having a large following? Whom else did Absalom find to join his rebellion?

  3. Read verses 13-18. Why did David feel it was necessary to leave the city? How did the king’s officials respond to David’s orders? Who were some of the specific groups who left Jerusalem with David?

  4. Read verses 19-23. Why did David offer to send one group back with his blessing? (19-20) What was Ittai’s response to David’s urgings? (21) What was the people’s response in the countryside when the king and his retinue passed by? (23)

  5. Read verses 24-29. What did the priests do with the holy articles when David left Jerusalem? (24) Why did David send the ark of the covenant back into the city? (25-26) What did David hope to accomplish by leaving the priests inside the city? (27-29)

  6. Read verses 30-37. What was the mood and appearance of David and the people with him at the Mount of Olives? What was David’s prayer when he learned who was advising his son Absalom? (32) What role did David assign his friend Hushai to assist his cause? (33-37)

Apply it:

  1. What ambition should you examine to see if it is submitted to the will of God? How can you entrust yourself to God the next time you face a setback?


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