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by P. David Baik   04/09/2023   John 11:1~26


2023 Easter Sunday Study


John 11:1-26

Key Verse: 11:25-26

Open it:

  1. What is one of your greatest disappointments in life now?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-4. What was wrong with Lazarus? To whom was Lazarus related? How did Jesus get the word about Lazarus? Why did Jesus say Lazarus was sick? (4)

  2. Read verses 5-8. What did Jesus do when he heard about Lazarus? Why did Jesus’ disciples respond negatively to Jesus’ plan to return to Judea?

  3. Read verses 9- 12. How did Jesus answer his disciples’ hesitancy about returning to Judea? What did Jesus say had happened to Lazarus? How did the disciples misunderstand Jesus?

  4. Read verses 13-16. What did Jesus mean when he used the word “sleeping”? Why did Jesus say that he was glad he wasn’t with Lazarus? What melancholic suggestion did Thomas make?

  5. Read verses 17-22. What did Jesus find when he arrived at Bethany? What did Mary and Martha do when they heard that Jesus was coming? What did Martha say to Jesus about his coming after Lazarus died?

  6. Read verses 23-26. What did Jesus tell Martha Lazarus would do? (23) How did Martha misunderstand Jesus? What did Martha and the others learn about Jesus’ identity? (25) What did Jesus say would happen to those who believed in him? (26)

Apply it:

  1. Knowing that Jesus is the resurrection and the life, what did we learn about how to deal with our fear, disappointment, and sorrow?


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