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Amnon and Tamar

by M. Moses Kang   11/06/2022   2_Samuel 13:1~22


2 Samuel Lesson 14 (2022)


(2 Samuel 13:1-22)

Open it:

  1. Why are we often less than satisfied when we finally get what we have wanted most?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-3. Which of David’s sons fell in love with one of David’s daughters? (1) Why was Amnon frustrated? (2) What was the reputation of Jonadab? (3)

  2. Read verses 4-7. What plan did Jonadab propose for Amnon to get what he wanted? (4-5) When Amon feigned illness, what request did he make of King David? (6) How did David respond to Amon’s request? (7)

  3. Read verses 8-12. What did Amnon do when Tamar had followed all of his instructions? (8-10) What proposition did Amnon make to Tamar when they were alone? (11) How did Tamar respond to Amnon’s advances? (12)

  4. Read verses 13-15. What were Tamar’s arguments to get Amnon to leave her alone? (12-13) How did Amnon finally get what he wanted from Tamar? (14) How did Amnon feel about Tamar after he had slept with her? (15) Why are lust and genuine love seldom related?

  5. Read verses 16-20. Why didn’t Tamar want Amnon to send her away? (16) How did Amnon get rid of Tamar when he no longer wanted her? (17) What did Tamar do when Amnon turned her out? (18-19) What did Absalom guess had happened to his sister Tamar? (20) What became of Tamar after Amnon raped her?

  6. Read verses 21-22. What was David’s reaction to the incident involving Amnon and Tamar? (21) In what way was Amnon’s sin like the sin of his father David with Bathsheba? What did Absalom do with his anger toward Amnon? (22)

Apply it:

  1. What overwhelming desire should we examine for its purity before we pursue it at all costs?


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