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by M. Daniel Nam   07/03/2022   2_Samuel 9:1~13


2 Samuel Lesson 10 (2022)


2 Samuel 9:1-13

Key Verse: 9:7

Open it:

  1. Suppose you had it within your power. Whom would you elevate from “rags to riches,” and why? What activities of daily life are a continual challenge for people with disabilities?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-4. What commitment did David remember when he was established in the kingship of Israel? (1) Why was it imperative for David to find the surviving members of Saul’s family? (1 Sa. 20:13-17, 42) From whom did David seek information about Saul’s survivors? (2-4)

  2. Read verses 5-8. What attitude did Mephibosheth assume toward David when they met? (6) What promises did David make to Mephibosheth? (7) Why is it a great honor to ask someone to eat with you than simply to give them a meal? How did Mephibosheth expect to be treated by David? (8)

  3. Read verses 9-13. What commands did David give to Ziba concerning Mephibosheth? (9) How would another generation of Saul’s family continue in Israel? (10) What kind of treatment did Mephibosheth receive in David’s house? (11) Why did Mephibosheth live in Jerusalem from this time onward, although his family’s lands were elsewhere? (9, 13)

Apply it:

  1. What concrete way can you find to honor a friend or relative who is diseased? The next time you encounter someone who has a disability, how can you be sure to respect their dignity?


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