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by M. Jangwon Suh   06/12/2022   2_Samuel 8:1~18


2 Samuel Lesson 9 (2022)


2 Samuel 8:1-18

Key Verse: 8:6b, 15

Open it:

  1. Why do successful people tend to forget about those who helped them reach success?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-2. How did David fare in his battles with Israel's traditional enemies, the Philistines? (1) How did David ensure the fear and subjection of the Moabites? (2)

  2. Read verses 3-6. From what king did David capture soldiers, horses, and chariots? (3-4) What was the result of David’s encounter with Arameans? (5-6) Why was David so successful?

  3. Read verses 7-10. What valuable plunder did David take from Hadadezer? (7-8) From what king did David receive gifts because of his victory over a common enemy? (9-10)

  4. Read verses 11-12. What did David do with the valuable articles and precious metals he captured in his campaigns? (11-12) What did David dedicate the most valuable plunder he got through warfare? What dangers are inherent in sudden, overwhelming success? What incentive is there for powerful rulers to be just?

  5. Read verses 13-15. What spectacular victory spread David’s fame even farther than it already had? (13) How did David reinforce his sovereignty in Edom? (14) What qualities Characterize David’s reign over united Israel? (15)

  6. Read verses 16-17. Who were the influential leaders who assisted King David? How do you think they helped David’s reign be just and right?

Apply it:

  1. What can you do in your positions and leadership (whether formal or informal) to endure that you are just and right toward the people God has entrusted to you?


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