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by P. David Baik   04/17/2022   John 11:25~44


2022 Easter Sunday


John 11:25-44

Key Verse: 11:43

Open it:

  1. When has someone you’ve known died unexpectedly? What is one of your greatest disappointments in life?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 25-26. What did Jesus say he is? (Think about the “I AM” statements in John’s Gospel- 6:35,/8:12/10:7/11:25/14:6/15:1,5) What did Jesus say would happen to those who believed in him? (26)

  2. Read verses 27-35. What belief did Martha express to Jesus? (27) How did Mary respond when she saw Jesus? (30-32) How did Jesus respond to the weeping of Mary and the others? (33-35)

  3. Read verses 36-38. What question did some people have about what Jesus could have done? How did Jesus feel when he went to Lazarus’ tomb? (38) In what type of tomb was Lazarus buried? (39)

  4. Read 39-40. How did Marth respond to Jesus’ request to take away the stone? How did Jesus show Martha the importance of her faith? (40) When have you had faith in God’s ability to work out an impossible situation?

  5. Read verses 41-44. What did Jesus say to the Father? Why? (41-42) How did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead? (43-44) What did Lazarus do when Jesus called to him? What did Jesus tell the people to do?

Apply it:

  1. In what way has God “raised you from the dead”? What specific situation do you need to trust God to work out in your life?


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