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by M. Abraham Jung   04/09/2022   1_Corinthians 15:1~11


Spring Retreat (2022)


1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Key Verse: 15:3-4

Open it:

  1. How do people pass on their beliefs and traditions to others? What do you think is important to pass on from one generation to the next?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-2. How can a Christian avoid believing the gospel in vain? What does it mean for your to hold firmly to the truths of the gospel?

  2. Read verses 3-4. What are the basic truths of the gospel Paul preached? Why is it important that Christ’s death and resurrection fulfill the Scriptures? How would you describe, in your own words, the importance of the gospel to your life?

  3. Read verses 5-8. To whom did the Risen Christ appear after his resurrection? (Lk. 24:34; Mk. 16:14; Lk. 24:33, 36, 37; Acts 1:3-4, 9:3-6, 17) Why did Paul emphasize the facts of Christ’s resurrection? Why did Paul describe himself as one “abnormally born”?

  4. Read verses 9-11. Why did Paul feel unworthy to be called an apostle? For what reason was Paul able to call himself an apostle? On what did Paul’s apostleship rest? (10) In what one area of your life have you been stubborn about allowing God’s grace to work?

Apply it:

  1. How does the Risen Christ appear and make himself known to us today?


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