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by P. David Baik   03/27/2022   Mark 1:21~34


Mark Lesson 3 (2022)


Mark 1:21-34

Key Verse: 1:27

Open it:

  1. If you have ever experienced illness, what was it, and how did you find healing?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 21-22. What do Jesus’ actions in the synagogue tell us about his beliefs regarding the Sabbath? What kinds of teachers were the people accustomed to that caused them to be amazed by Jesus’ teaching?

  2. Read verses 23-26. Why did the man in the synagogue cry out to Jesus, and what did the evil spirit say to Jesus? (23-24) How did Jesus respond to the evil spirit, and how did the evil spirit react to Jesus’ command? (25-26)

  3. Read verses 27-28. What occurred in the synagogue after Jesus cast out the demon? (27) Why did the people describe Jesus’ teaching as “new”? (27-28) How was Jesu’s teaching different from the teaching of his contemporaries?

  4. Read verses 29-31. What did Jesus do with his companions after teaching in the synagogue? (29) What problem did Jesus encounter? (30) Why do you think Jesus used personal contact to heal Simon’s mother-in-law? (31) Why is personal contact important in serving the needs of people?

  5. Read verses 32-34. When the crowds of people brought all the sick and demon-possessed to him after sunset, what was Jesus’ response? (34) Why did Jesus not allow the demons to speak? What difference should it make in our lives that Jesus has the power to heal the sick and deliver the demon-possessed?

Apply it:

  1. What specific area of your life do you need to turn to Jesus for his healing touch?


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