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by P. David Baik   03/20/2022   Mark 1:14~20


Mark Lesson 2 (2022)


Mark 1:14-20

Key Verse: 1:17

Open it:

  1. When are you most willing to set aside your own needs for another person’s needs?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 14-15. Why did Jesus go to Galilee? What did do in Galilee? (14) What did Jesus mean when he preached, “The time has come! And the kingdom of God is near!”

  2. How did Jesus want people to respond to the fact that the kingdom of God was near? How were the two parts of Jesus’ message connected? (15)

  3. Read verses 16-18. Whom did Jesus call to be his followers? (16, 19) How did Jesus get people to follow him? What does Jesus’ command “Come, and follow me!” sum up the essence of discipleship?

  4. What did Jesus mean “to fish for people.” How did Simon and Andrew respond to Jesus’ call? (18)

  5. Read verses 19-20. What sacrifice did James and John make to follow Jesus? How can you obey Christ’s commands more faithfully? What prevents you from following Christ wholeheartedly?

Apply it:

  1. What specific attitude or action should you give up how as an act of following Christ?


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