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by P. David Baik   03/13/2022   Mark 1:1~13


Mark Lesson 1 (2022)


Mark 1:1-13

Key Verse: 1:11

Open it:

  1. What is one form of recognition you received growing up, whether at school, at home, or from friends?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-3. What do Mark’s first words in verse 1 teach us about Jesus? According to Isaiah’s prophecy, who is sending out his messenger? Why?

  2. Read verses 4-5. ? How was Isaiah’s prophecy fulfilled? (4) What were the two aspects of John’s ministry? How did the people respond to John’s preaching?

  3. Read verses 6-8. What does the description in verse 6 reveal John’s lifestyle? What was the theme of John’s message? (7-8) What is the difference between John’s baptism and Jesus’?

  4. Read verses 9-11. Who baptized Jesus? (9) Why was this event significant? What happened after Jesus was baptized? To whom was the voice from heaven speaking? Why do you think Jesus needed to hear the voice from heaven?

  5. Read verses 12-13. Who sent Jesus into the wilderness? What implication does Jesus’ experience of temptation have for the temptations we face? What do the phrase “he was with the wild animals” and “angels attended him” indicate?

Apply it:

  1. What would be your response if God is telling you something directly today?


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