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by P. David Baik   02/20/2022   James 4:1~17


James Lesson 6 (2013)


James 4:1-17

Key Verse: 4:10

Open it:

  1. If you knew you had just three months to live, what are some things you would want to do?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-3. What is the root cause of fights and quarrels between people? (1) Why don’t people have what they want? (2) Why doesn’t God give some people what they ask? (3) How does pride show up in our work? Home? Church? Community?

  2. Read verses 4-6. What does friendship with the world do to our relationship with God? Whom does God oppose and favor? When does God give us grace? What is the difference between pride and a sense of accomplishment?

  3. Read verses 7-10. How did James describe the way we should come to God? (7-10; Mt 5:3,4) How does the devil react when a person resists him? (7b) What does God do to us when we have an attitude of humility before him? (8-10)

  4. Read verses 11-12. How are we to speak to one another? (11) When we say against a fellow believer, what attitude are we having toward God and his law? How can we reduce or remove pride from our lives?

  5. Read verses 13-17. According to James, man’s life is like a mist. What kind of attitude do we need to have toward our future? (13-15) Is James saying that it’s wrong to plan for the future? How do sinful attitudes often accompany the act of making plans? How can you determine what is evil and pleasing to God in your daily life? (16-17)

Apply it:

  1. What can you do to help you bring more humility into your life? What can you do to place your plans for the future in God’s hands?


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