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by M. James S Kim   12/26/2021   Matthew 2:1~12


Matthew Lesson 3 (2021-Christmas)


Matthew 2:1-12

Key Verse: 2:2

Open it:

  1. Why do you think some people are so thrilled with gazing at stars at night?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-2. After the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, who came to visit Jesus? What prompted the Magi to search for the newborn king? (2; Nu. 24:17) How would you define worship?

  2. Read verses 3-4. How did King Herod react to the visit of the Magi? Why was a powerful king disturbed by the presence of a helpless baby? How does it feel to have a rival – to feel as though you are being overlooked or replaced?

  3. Read verses 5-6. Why is it significant that Christ was born in Bethlehem? How is the newborn king different from worldly kings? What does “a ruler who will shepherd my people” reveal about Jesus?

  4. Read verses 7-10. What was King Herod’s secret plan for the baby? (7-8; 16) How can a competitive, prideful, or insecure spirit alter a person’s behavior? How were the Magi led to Christ? (9-10) What was the Magi’s reaction when they realized they had found Christ? Where and how do you find such joy in your life?

  5. Read verses 11-12. Where was Jesus when the Magi found him? What gifts did the Magi bring to the newborn king? Reflect on how the Magi worshipped the newborn king. What does it teach us about the true meaning of worship? (Jn. 4:24; Ro. 12:1; Mt. 6:24)

Apply it:

  1. If you were one for the Magi, what sacrifice should you make in following the star?


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