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by P. David Baik   01/02/2022   James 1:1~18


James Lesson 1 (2022)


James 1:1-18

Key Verse: 1:12

Open it:

  1. Why would you agree or disagree with the statement, “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to what happens to you”?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-4. Who is the author, and to whom was the letter written? What attitude did James tell people to exhibit when they are facing trials? (2) What trials and difficulties have you experienced during your life? What is produced when our faith is tested? (3-4)

  2. Read verses 5-8. What is God’s response when we ask for wisdom? (5) How should we pray for wisdom? (6-8) What effect does doubt have on a person when they pray? With what doubts have you struggled concerning God and prayer?

  3. Read verses 9-11. Why can the materially poor Christian rejoice? (9) Why should the materially rich not trust their wealth? In what way have material possessions disappointed?

  4. Read verses 12-15. What reward awaits the person who perseveres under trial? 12) From where does temptation come? (13-14) Why should we not blame God in a difficult situation? How does sin start and end? (15) How would you explain why a person does something wrong or evil to a ten-year-old?

  5. Read verses 16-18. How can we avoid being deceived by trials and temptation? From where do all good and perfect gifts come? How did James describe God’s relationship with the people he created? (17-18)

Apply it:

  1. What do you believe God is trying to teach you through the trials and situations you are experiencing?


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