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by M. Samuel Lee   12/05/2021   Luke 1:39~56


2021 Christmas (III)


Luke 1:39-56

Key Verse: 1:46-48

Open it:

  1. What relatives do you look forward to visiting the most?

Explore it

  1. Read verses 39-41. Why do you think Mary decided to visit Elizabeth? What two amazing things happened when Mary called her greeting to Elizabeth? What was the significance of the baby leaping at the sound of Mary’s voice?

  2. Read verse 42. What did Elizabeth prophesy about Mary and the baby she would bear? How might these things have affected Mary? Think about the importance of timely and spiritual counseling. (Ro 8:6; Col 3:16)

  3. Read verses 43-45. Why did Elizabeth say that Mary was a blessed woman? (42, 45, 28) Think about Elizabeth’s spiritual maturity (Humility). (43)

  4. Read verses 46-55. For what does Mary praise God personally? (46-49) What did she discover about herself in God’s redemptive history? What attributes of God are extolled in the first part of Mary’s song?

  5. Read verses 50-55. What happens to people who fear God? Why do you think our inmost thought is so critical? What happens to the proud? What characteristics of God did Mary sing about in the second part of her song?

Apply it:

  1. In what way can you glorify the Lord and rejoice in your Savior at this Christmas? What person close to you still needs to hear you express your faith?


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