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by P. David Baik   09/12/2021   Luke 22:24~38


Luke Lesson 85 (2021)


Luke 22:24-38

Key Verse: 22:26

Open it:

  1. What does it do for you if you have a title (Reverend, Doctor, Shepherd, President, Director, Missionary, Minister, etc.)?

Explore it:

  1. Read verse 24. (Review verses 20-23.) Where were Jesus and his disciples? Why did a dispute among the disciples?

  2. Read verse 25. Why does pride so easily dominate the life of leaders? Why are we eager for titles? Why are we tempted to “lord it over” others at work, in our families and churches?

  3. Read verses 26-27. What principle does Jesus promote? How does a servant leader contrast with a self-absorbed leader? How can we follow Christ’s example of servant leadership (servanthood)? (Mt. 11:29; Php. 2:3-4) What’s the difference between servanthood and servitude?

  4. Read verses 28-30. What is the significance of eating and drinking at the King’s table? What does it mean to rule and reign with Christ?

  5. Read verses 31-38. Why did Jesus tell Simon about his future? (31-32) How did Simon respond to Jesus’ prediction? (33) How did Jesus warn his disciples of the difficult time ahead? (35-37) In what way did the disciples take Jesus’ instructions too literally? (38)

Apply it:

  1. How can you serve others with an attitude of humility?


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