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I want to know Christ personally

by P. Abraham Lincoln   09/19/2021   Philippians 3:1~21


I want to know Christ personally (Phi 3:1-21)

Interactive Study Guide

  1. What is the foundation of our Christian joy (1a)? What are the three things Paul warned Philippian Christians (2)? Why do true believers put no confidence in the flesh (3)?

  2. What shows Paul worked hard all his youth to have a right relationship with God, but failed miserably (4-6)?

  3. Read verses 7-8a. What does “for the sake of Christ” mean (7)? How did Paul intentionally decide to lose his past to gain his present, and have a future (8b-9a)? What was the choice, a petty inferior brand of righteousness or a redemptive relationship that comes from trusting Christ? (9b)?

  4. What does to “know Christ” mean (10a)? How did Paul explain “knowing Christ” in verse 10b? How did Paul express his desire to go to any length if only he could experience the joy of the newness (resurrection) daily by knowing Christ (11)?


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