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Put God’s interest ahead of yours

by M. William Shin   11/07/2021   2_Samuel 3:6~39


2 Samuel Lesson 3 (2021)


2 Samuel 3:6-39

Key Verse: 3:35-36

Open it:

  1. What seems appealing about the idea of getting revenge?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 3:6-11. What had Abner been doing during the war between David and Ish-Bosheth? (6) What accusation did Ish-Bosheth make against Abner? (7-8) Why was Ish-Besheth intimidated by Abner’s response? (9-11)

  2. Read verses 12-16. What condition did David want fulfilling before he would agree with Abner? (12-13) How was Michal (David’s wife) reunited with him after Saul’s death? (14-16) At this time, what was the broader significance of David’s bringing Saul’s daughter Michal back as his wife?

  3. Read verses 17-21. How did Abner prepare for David to become king of Israel, and how did David respond? (17-20) What did Abner intend to do after he left David? (21)

  4. Read verses 22-27. What did Joab learn when he returned to David’s camp at Hebron? (22-23) What did Joab think of David’s decision to negotiate a truce with Abner? (24-25) What action did Joab take without David’s knowledge? (26-27)

  5. Read verses 28-34. How did David react to the news of Abner’s death? (28-30) What did David force Joab and his men to do? (31-32) What attitude did David convey toward Abner’s death? (33-34)

  6. Read verses 35-39. What vow did David make out of respect for Abner? (35) What did most of the people approve of David’s reaction to Abner’s death? (36-37) How did David eulogize Abner? (38) What was David’s attitude toward Joab and Abishai? (39)

Apply it:

  1. What can you do this week to prove your sincerity to someone who needs to be convinced?


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