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David’s integrity

by M. William Shin   07/25/2021   1_Samuel 24:1~22


1 Samuel Lesson 17 (2021)


1 Samuel 24:1-22

Key Verse: 24:6

Open it:

  1. How does it feel when you find a rival or enemy suddenly and unexpectedly at your mercy?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-4. Where was David? (1; see a map) How did Saul happen to come into David’s cave? (2-3) How did David’s men interpret this situation? (4a) What did David do at first? (4b)

  2. Read verses 5-7. Why was David conscience-stricken? (5-6) How did David rebuke his men? (7) How do you think Saul would have behaved toward David if their situations had been reversed?

  3. Reread verse 6. What could David have done to defend himself? Instead, how did he view Saul? How did this reflect David’s faith? What can we learn here from his spiritual leadership?

  4. Read verses 8-11. How did David express his loyalty to Saul? (8-10) How did he prove his innocence? (11)

  5. Read verses 12-22. How did David express his faith in God? (12a, 14-15) Why did he not want to touch Saul? (12b-13) What was Saul’s response? (14-22)

Apply it:

  1. How could you prepare yourself not to “finish off” your enemy should you get a chance?


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