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by P. David Baik   07/24/2021   Luke 19:45~20:8


Luke Lesson 79 (2021)


Luke 19:45-20:8

Key Verse: 20:3

Open it:

  1. How do you react to other people’s hypocrisy? When was a time you felt justified in being angry?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 45-46. What did Jesus do in the temple are? What attitude did Jesus have toward the merchants in the temple area? (46) In what way can a church be made a “den of robbers”?

  2. Read verses 47-48. Why did the religious leaders want to kill Jesus? Why were the religious leaders unable to carry out their plot? What made people hang on to Jesus’ words?

  3. Read 20:1-2. What was Jesus doing in the temple courts? What motivated the religious leaders to ask about Jesus’ authority? By whose authority was Jesus doing what he did in the temple, including the cleansing of the temple and teaching?

  4. Read verses 3-6. Why was Jesus answer the religious leaders’ question with another question? What was it about Jesus’ question that stumped the religious leaders? (5-6)

  5. Read verses 7-8. How did the leaders respond to Jesus’ question? In what way did Jesus demonstrate his wisdom?

Apply it:

  1. How can you obey God’s authority and be completely honest and forthright in all your dealing with people with religious authority?


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