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by P. David Baik   08/07/2021   Luke 20:9~19


Luke Lesson 80 (2021)


Luke 20:9-19

Key Verse: 20:17

Open it:

  1. How would you respond when someone told an uncomfortable story about yourself?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 9 and 19. Why did Jesus choose to tell the people a parable in this situation?

  2. Whom does the man who planted the vineyard represent? (9) Whom do the servants the owner sent to the vineyard represent? (10-12) How were the servants treated? Whom do the tenants in the story represent? (10, 19)

  3. Read verses 13-16. Why did the owner send his son to the vineyard? (13) What is the inheritance to which the tenants referred? (14) How will the owner of the vineyard respond to the terrible actions of the tenants? How did the people listening to Jesus respond to the parable?

  4. Read verses 17-19. What is the meaning of the Scripture that Jesus quoted? (17-18) How did the religious leaders react to Jesus’ teaching? (19) How did the mood of the people affect the actions of the religious leaders?

Apply it:

6. How would you respond to Jesus when he seems to warn you what you don’t like to admit (Read also 1 Peter 2:3-10)?


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