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by P. David Baik   08/07/2021   Luke 20:19~44


Luke Lesson 81 (2021)


Luke 20:19-44

Key Verse: 20:38

Open it:

  1. What do you imagine happens to us after death?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 19-26. What was the purpose of those who came to question Jesus? What did they ask Jesus? Why was this question a trap? How did Jesus respond to the spies’ question? What does this passage reveal about Jesus’ wisdom?

  2. Read verses 27-33. How did Luke describe the Sadducees? (27) What was the main point of the lengthy story the Sadducees told Jesus?

  3. Read verses 34-36. How did Jesus respond to the Sadducees’ question? (34-35) In the age to come, what did Jesus promise to those who take part in the resurrection of the dead? What should we believe in the resurrection of the dead? Why do you think there will be no marriage in heaven?

  4. Read verses 37-40. For what reason did Jesus refer to Moses? (37) How did Jesus describe God? Why did Jesus describe God as “the God of the living”? (38) Why did people stop asking Jesus questions?

  5. Read verses 41-44. What dilemma did Jesus set before his listeners? (41) What was Jesus revealing to his listeners about his own identity?

Apply it:

  1. How should the promise of eternal life affect your everyday actions?


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