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David, Nabal, and Abigail

by M. Abraham Lim   07/29/2021   1_Samuel 25:1~44


1 Samuel Lesson 18 (2021)


1 Samuel 25:1-44

Key Verse: 25:32-33

Open it:

  1. What good or bad connotations does the word vengeance have for you?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-3. After Samuel’s death, where did David go? (1; see a map) What was the measure of Nabal’s wealth? (2) How did Nabal’s character contrast with that of his wife? (3)

  2. Read verses 4-11. What favor did David ask of Nabal through his representatives? (4-8) Why did David feel that Nabal should be willing to give him gifts? (7-8) How did Nabal respond to David’s request? (9-11)

  3. Read verses 12-22. How did David react to the message from Nabal? (13) Why did the servant seek out Abigail instead of confronting Nabal? (17) What action did Abigail take when she heard about Nabal’s blunder? (18-19) What had David resolved to do in response to Nabal’s insult? (21-22)

  4. Read verses 23-31. What was Abigail’s attitude when she went out to meet David? (23-24) How did Abigail evaluate her husband’s judgment? (25) What did Abigail ask of David in return for the gifts she brought? (27-28) Why, according to Abigail, would David be taking the moral high ground by sparing Nabal’s household? (29-31) How could she have such wisdom?

  5. Read verses 32-35. How did David view the fact that Abigail came out to meet him? (32-34) On what terms did David and Abigail part? (35)

  6. Read verses 36-44. Why did Abigail wait until morning to tell Nabal what had happened? (36-37) How did Nabal react to the news of his near destruction? (37-38) What was David’s response to Nabal’s death? (39) What invitation did David extend to Abigail after her husband’s death? (40-41)

Apply it:

  1. In what way is it preferable to let God vindicate you rather than to avenge yourself of wrongs done to you? (Ro. 12:17-21)


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