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Those Whom God Rewards

by M. James S Kim   07/30/2021   1_Samuel 26:1~27:12


1 Samuel Lesson 19 (2021)


1 Samuel 26:1-27:12

Key Verse: 26:23-24

Open it:

  1. What would be your reaction toward someone who constantly opposes and aggravates you?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-6. How did Saul begin to pursue David again? (1-3a) How did David manage to avoid falling into the trap Saul set for him? (3-4) Who was willing to go with David into Saul’s camp? (5-6)

  2. Read 7-11. What did Abishai assume when he realized that Saul was sleeping and vulnerable? (7-8) Why did David prevent Abishai from killing Saul? (9) What did David predict would become of Saul? (10) What did David’s conviction help him? (11; Ps. 54:4)

  3. Read verses 12-21. How had the Lord intervened for David when he entered Saul’s camp at night? (12) When David was a safe distance away, what message did he have for Abner? (13-16) How did David appeal his cause to Saul? (17-20) How did Saul react to having his life spared a second time? (21)

  4. Read verses 22-25. What did David believe about God, and how did he base his life and future on this faith? (22-24; Ro. 1:6-11) On what terms did David and Saul part company? (25)

  5. Read 27:1-12. What motivated David to go to Gath? (1-4) How did he come to live in Ziklag? (5-7) What was his awkward situation there, and how did he handle it for the time being? (8-12)

Apply it:

  1. What would it mean to let God vindicate you when you encounter a conflict?


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