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by P. David Baik   10/17/2021  


Luke Lesson 88 (2021)


Luke 23:26-56

Key Verse: 23:46

Open it:

  1. If you were about to die soon, what would be your last words?

Explore it:

  1. Read verse 26-. Who was conscripted to carry Jesus’ cross? What do the soldiers’ actions reveal about Jesus’ condition? What effect might this event have had on Simon of Cyrene? (Ro. 16:13)

  2. Read verses 27-31. Why did such a large crowd gather? How did many of the women respond to Jesus’ impending death? (27) Why did Jesus tell the women to weep for themselves? (28-31)

  3. Read verses 32-34. Describe the crucifixion. What do Jesus’ words on the cross reveal about his character? (34)

  4. Read verses 35-43. How did others treat Jesus while he was hanging on the cross? (35-39) What did the first criminal demand of Jesus? What prevents many people from turning to Jesus? What request did the second criminal make of Jesus? (42) How did Jesus respond to the criminal’s plea?

  5. Read verses 44-46. What unusual natural occurrence took place, and what did it signify? (44-45) What happened to the curtain in the temple? (45) What did Jesus call out from the cross? (46)

  6. Read verses 47-56. What confession did the centurion make? (47) How did the witnesses to Christ’s crucifixion react to his death? (48-49) Who was Joseph, and how did he show his faith? (54) Who followed Joseph? (55) What do the actions of the women reveal about their faith? (55-56)

Apply it:

  1. In what ways can you approach God each day to honor the path God opened for you?


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