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by M. James S Kim   03/05/2023  


2 Samuel Lesson 16 (2023)


(2 Samuel 14:1-33)

Open it:

  1. What extenuating circumstances, if any, do you think should bar a person from having to bear the full punishment for a crime they have committed?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-11. What did Joab know about the king’s true desire? (1) What elaborate trick did Joab arrange to help King David? (1-3) What dilemma did the widow present to David? (4-7) What promises did David make to the woman before he knew her real purpose? (8-11)

  2. Read verses 12-20. After David had promised to help the woman, what did she reveal about her real purpose for coming? (12-14) What did the woman say “the people” felt about Absalom’s exile? (15) What question did David have for the woman when she had finished her plea? (18-19) Whom did the woman admit had put her up to her encounter with the king? (19-20)

  3. Read verses 21-25. What did David tell Joab to do? (21-23) What limitations were put on Absalom when he returned to Jerusalem? (23-24) Why did David take the halfway measure of allowing Absalom to return but not to see him?

  4. Read verses 26-28. What were the unique aspects of Absalom’s physical appearance? (25-26) How long did Absalom live in Jerusalem again without seeing David? (28) What did Absalom’s insistence on his rights reveal about his character?

  5. Read verses 29-33. When Joab did not answer Absalom’s request, what did Absalom do to get Joab’s attention? (29-32) What did Absalom demand that Joab ask of the king? (32) On what terms were David and his son reunited? What is good or bad about overcoming your barriers of principle?

Apply it:

  1. How far should a friend go in helping you fulfill your desires? With what close friend could you share your spiritual goals, so they are not placed in the position of helping you compromise?


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