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by M. Young Kim   10/09/2022  


2 Samuel Lesson 13 (2022)


(2 Samuel 12:1-31)

Open it:

  1. When was a time you were eventually thankful that someone didn’t grant a request of yours?

Explore it:

  1. Read verses 1-4. What was unique about the ewe lamb belonging to the poor man in Nathan's story? What injustice was perpetrated by the rich man against the poor man? (4)

  2. Read verses 5-9. How did David react to Nathan’s story? (5-6) How did Nathan use the account to convict David? (7-9)

  3. Read verses 10-13. What judgment did God pronounce on David through Nathan? (10) How did God say he would bring David’s secret sins into the open? (11-12) What did David admit after Nathan had spoken? (13)

  4. Read verses 14-15. According to Nathan, what would be the consequences of David’s sin? (13-14) What happened to David’s family after Nathan left the palace?

  5. Read verses 16-19. What did David do in response to his son’s illness? (16-17) Why were the servants afraid to tell David that David’s child had died? (18) How did David find out that his son was dead? (19)

  6. Read verses 20-23. How did David act after knowing that God would not change his mind and allow the child to live? (20) How did David explain his sudden change of demeanor to the puzzled servants? (21-23)

  7. Read verses 24-31. What was the name of the next child of David and Bathsheba? (24-25) How were Joab and the army of Israel faring in the war? (26-27) What message did Joab send from the front to his commander in chief? (28) What was the outcome of David’s battle against Rabbah? (29-31)

Apply it:

  1. On what matter of concern can you plead for God’s mercy while there is still a chance that God might grant it?


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