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2023 ISBC - Transportation

By Moses S Kang|27 Mar, 2023|678 views

The ISBC conference will be held at UIUC (See Location & Housing). Many people will come from all over the world. Some live close enough to drive to the site, but others will take an airplane. In the past, they chose their own airport according to their plan. Listing a few, the airports were O’Hare International (ORD). John F. Kennedy International (JFK), Newark Liberty International (EWR), Washington Dulles International (IAD), Los Angeles International (LAX), and Toronto Pearson International (YYZ). Please refer to the IATA for the three-digit airport code. We have chosen ORD as the primary airport because it is the closest to UIUC. We will provide a ride for anyone who arrives at ORD (last airport if multiple stops) and needs a ride to the conference. We do the same for those who return to ORD after the conference (first airport if multiple stops).

If you use any airport other than ORD as the final airport for arrival, you are responsible for a ride to UIUC. Likewise, if you use any airport other than ORD as your first airport for departure, you are responsible for a ride to the airport from UIUC after the conference. At the same time, you have an opportunity to enter your arrival and departure information by airplane during registration. When you enter your travel information, it will be shared with the senior pastor or leaders at the nearest church as much as possible. If they are ready to help you with a ride, you will be contacted. You start a conversation with them. It is your responsibility to confirm your ride for both arrival and departure. You may even ask for room and board if necessary.

Transportation from ORD to UIUC

Transportation will be provided for any participants traveling through O'Hare International airport (ORD). Coach buses will transport them from ORD to the State Farm Center (SFC) at UIUC.  The Transportation Team chose a seating area near Door 4 of the Bus/Shuttle Center at ORD as a hub for providing a ride to UIUC. The Bus/Shuttle Center is located at Level 1 of the Main Parking Garage between Elevator Centers 3 and 4. Please see the map below for its location. If you arrive at Terminal 5, please look for a sign for Airport Transit System (ATS). First, you take a train and go to Terminal 2. If your airplane arrives at Terminal 1, 2 or 3, please look for the sign or direction to the Bus/Shuttle Center. The sign is the same as the one on the map. Detailed operation for the ride will follow the policy in the section for Accommodation on Foreign Delegates.


Transportation from UIUC to ORD

We will also provide a return trip from UIUC to ORD after the conference ends on Sunday, August 6, 2023. Our current plan is to prepare Coach buses at the State Farm Center and take you to ORD. The details will be posted at the UBF office near the end of the conference.

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