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2023 ISBC Registration

By Moses S Kang|27 Mar, 2023|391 views

Online Registration

You reach the registration website when you click on the icon for registration. When you click ‘Register Now’, you go to the registration page. Notice the first question on the top. Your choice will take you either the path of Regular or Family. You fill out personal information. When you select your residential country at the bottom, the country will determine your status as a North American or a foreign delegate. The residential country is not by your nationality, but your residence for more than half a year. For example, you are a Canadian by nationality. At the same time, you are a missionary in Uganda and have stayed there for seven months during the last one year. Your residential country is Uganda. 

You click ‘Next’ in the navigation bar. You go to the next page and populate each data field. Some are mandatory and others are optional. That information is essential in serving you during the conference. If you do not know what to enter, please enter a tentative value. You complete the registration by submitting payment on the last page. Otherwise, you need to start over. When you complete the registration, you receive an email confirmation. It helps you to return to your web account where you modify your registration and so on. No penalty for modification. If you have additional questions during the registration, please click ‘Contact Us’. Fill out the form and submit it. Someone will contact you with an answer.

We have prepared a video for demonstration. The video has four parts: 1. Registration as Regular in North America 2. Registration as Family in North America 3. Registration as a foreign delegate 4. Modification after the registration. You pause as you watch or jump to a different part at your own pace.

Referece website : UBF ISBC 2023


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