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(GENERAL DIRECTOR) Please Pray for Ukraine

By Moses S Kang|28 Feb, 2022|973 views

Dear precious servants of God in the UBF community,
Thanks and praises be to the God our father who, through Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection, gave us the forgiveness of sins and eternal life! The world is suffering with strife, hostility and disaster yet we give glory to God because of his gospel that gives life.

As you know, in the midst of the Covid pandemic which has agonized the whole world is not over, many Ukrainians fall into severe disaster due to recent war.

It is extremely painful to see people losing their family members, relatives and homes, and what is worse, the growing intensity of the war. Most of all we feel sorrow in our hearts for our sacrificial missionaries and shepherds who have given their lives to serve God's flock of sheep in Ukraine. The missionaries who had to leave the country to neighbouring countries pray fasting earnestly for their Bible students and native leaders. May God have mercy and somehow bring peace to the country.

UBF HQ together with Korea UBF have observed the situation closely. Our co-workers who escaped to neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland are safe and cared for by our missionaries in those countries.
UBF HQ keeps praying for them and gives necessary financial support for our refugee co-workers. We will continue to do this good work for those who have become strangers. Hebrews 13:3 says "Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering." Also we should remember what our Lord Jesus said that all these disasters are the beginning of birth pains and continue to devote ourselves to world missions preaching the gospel without fear.

We cordially request all UBF co-workers scattered around the world to pray for our suffering Ukraine co-workers and the Ukrainians.

May the merciful God bring peace to the region and expand his kingdom even through the disaster.

In Christ,

Feb. 26, 2022
Moses Yoon/ UBF General Director

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